Global Strategy requires Global Solutions.

International Education continues to grow faster than world trade and GDP. Are you seeing it?

Academic Assembly provides solutions to educational institutions seeking to better manage and grow their global operations and university internationalization efforts. Academic Assembly helps schools manage global operations, one piece at a time, supplementing existing resources and providing a scaleable approach to achieve strategic objectives.

Academic Assembly brings together some of international education’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders with a suite of global services that are designed to boost institutional success. Services range from professional development and training, to alumni development and relations, to international student recruitment, risk management and strategic planning. Please contact us for a presentation of our capabilities and a discussion of what your institution needs to better compete globally.

Academic Assembly Training Courses

Created by Ron Cushing, a leading authority in the field, the Essential Bundle of USA Immigration and Visa Training Courses from Academic Assembly are a guide to becoming proficient in administering federal regulations and procedures for foreign student immigration and recruiting.  This series of e-learning courses provides in-depth and up-to-the-minute insight into the various regulations, common interpretations and the best practice implementation of the duties and responsibilities of international student service officers.

Gretchen Dobson, the author of the leading texts on International Alumni Relations, has developed the Global Alumni Relations Course designed to help institutions both build and maximize their relationships with their global alumni community, which is of strategic importance to educational institutions of all sizes and descriptions.


Academic Assembly offers International Education Operations and Management your institution needs.

When most people think of alumni, they think of donors, but that’s missing the number one factor of any sale – word of mouth. Led by Gretchen Dobson, a globally recognized  leader in International Alumni Services, Academic Assembly’s International Alumni Services Division works to build a lifelong relationship with your international alumni. Working with Academic Assembly you will identify tactics for discovering, recruiting and retaining more international alumni volunteers, create infrastructure to support both short and long-term alumni relations, plan new and improved international events, and identify, develop and/or expand international volunteer management opportunities and practices. In the end, you can build your alumni into a successful platform to extend your university’s global success.


Immigration SealAcademic Assembly understands that one of the single most important parts of student recruitment is visa conversion and the single most part of visa conversion is knowing what you are doing. As they say, the devil is in the detail and Academic Assembly’s Professional Training for Immigration Services Division brings assurance that you’ll get it right.



consultingIn Australia, most universities fund their international divisions with a  slice of foreign student tuition – each semester, each year. This money goes toward student support, English language training, student activities, student recruitment and all the international initiatives that have made Australia famous in the field of international education. While kangaroos and koalas may be iconic to Australia, it is this formula that has put Australian universities on top as role models for the world’s universities.



International Student Marketing and Recruitment is one of the hottest topics in higher education circles today. Where to recruit, who are ideal candidates, which programs are marketable are complex issues that challenge even the most successful universities as the markets are always changing. Domestic recruiting factors in local competitors, candidate pools, pricing and various reputational components. Take these and multiply them by X number of target countries and you can see how there is no one size-fits-all strategy to recruit internationally.


Need a plan? Academic Assembly’s knowledgeable team experts and analysts will help you craft one.


Need a strategy? Academic Assembly’s market tested executives will help you build one, including options for financing and strategic investor relations.


Need a team? Academic Assembly will take your strategy and implement it through the development of an office, staff or network of trusted contractors and service providers.