American Homestay Network looking for area managers: Jobs in Hartford, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington and Miami

16Mar '17

American Homestay Network looking for area managers: Jobs in Hartford, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington and Miami

The American Homestay Network is expanding and looking for professionals, passionate about international education to become Area Managers.  Homestay is a powerful connector of young adults and hosts, creating bonds and friendships that last a lifetime.  AHN is looking for advocates wanting to spread this concept of person-person citizen diplomacy as a way to counter current negative sentiment of foreign visitors in the USA.  You’ll have a chance to change lives, one person at a time.

AHN places tuition paying students into homes as an alternative to standard international housing for high schools, language and vocational schools, colleges and universities.  Parents from overseas like the idea that a Homestay provides extra oversight to their children.  Homestay is an option to help the get acclimated to American life or provide alternative room and board because of religious, cultural or other special needs.  AHN’s sister company in Australia has found that Homestay is also a great option for students needing a longer orientation period that is normally provided by the institution.

An Area Manager with AHN is responsible for overseeing operations in their region and assuring the successful experience of the guest students.  Area Managers oversee the initial inspection of host facilities, oversee student-host matches and work with institutions to assure the well-being of these students.  AHN provides 24/7 student support and in the unlikely event of problems, the Area Manager provides backup support for the student guests.  Successful Area Managers are part Businessperson, part Ambassador, part Parent.  They manage their territory under the supervision of the parent company, using an advanced reservation and management system, and are paid a percentage of the fees paid to the host families and a fee from each student applicant.

To jump start the territory, AHN will pay the new area managers $2,500/month for at least three months to help support you during the training/start-up period.  The company is looking for area mangers for Hartford, Philly, Baltimore/Washington and Miami.

Being an Area Manager with AHN is a chance to have your own business in international education, while operating under the strong support and brand of the company.   To learn more about the American Homestay Network, please visit:

  • The Hartford territory covers Connecticut, Western New England, Vermont and the Capital region of New York State
  • The Philadelphia area territory includes the 5 county region of Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Jersey and the Lehigh Valley and area that has more than 100 post-secondary institutions and 300,000 students.  The region also has a number of high schools for which homestay is a great opportunity.
  • The Baltimore/Washington territory covers Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.
  • The Miami territory covers all of South and Central Florida, including the Tampa Bay area and metro Orlando.

Interested parties should send a letter of intent to: