About Academic Assembly

The Vision, Message from the Chairman

Mitch LeventhalFor those that know me and have heard me talk about what American institutions need to compete on a global scale, this is it.  For those who are not familiar with my vision and my work, welcome.  Thank you for exploring Academic Assembly.  I am  Mitch Leventhal, professor, university administrator, entrepreneur, technologist, deep thinker and now, Chairman of Academic Assembly where I serve in a non-executive capacity, guiding my vision into reality with this exciting new venture.

 Since my introduction to international education in graduate school, I have been studying what works and what doesn’t in the complex industry we call International Education.  Many of my academic colleagues cringe when they hear the word “industry” and yet every government and trade office around the world is looking to education in import and export terms.  I created Academic Assembly as a way for institutions that need help in building a competitive global enterprise as the industry is getting larger and more competitive.  

 Today, international education is a world of have’s and have not’s as at the university level a full 20% of international students are at just 25 institutions, half at 125 and 80 are at 375.  There are more than 16,000 education institutions in the USA licensed to receive foreign students (F-1 and M-1 visas).  The old adage “a rising tide lifts all boats” has not happened in international education and there have been clear winners and losers.  We hope that Academic Assembly will open the doors to winning solutions for all.  As you can see in our services and in our philosophy, we bring a portfolio of options to institutions and through careful consideration and a consultative engagement process will create a winning plan for you.

My associates are here to serve you and I am here to guide them. 

Welcome to Academic Assembly!

Who Uses Academic Assembly?

Academic Assembly has products and services for a wide range of institutions and a broad base of professionals. The company provides planning, training, coaching or contracting:

Academic Assembly offers market research, risk assessment and strategic planning so that your university makes sound decisions.

Academic Assembly provides a boost to your overseas recruiting effort by helping you discover, convert and get to campus the type of students you need.

Academic Assembly offers training, coaching and professional development services to help you stay on top of the ever changing regulations.

Academic Assembly brings cost-effective contract-based services to supplement what your institution can’t or won’t handle on its own.