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07Apr '17

Middle States Considers Interfering with Institutions’ Use of Agents

The means by which institutions use agents has re-emerged in the public debate with Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) proposing changes to its Policies, Guidelines & Procedures around international student recruitment.  MSCHE seems to tie international practice to the same rules that affect national practice, bypassing the provision in Title IV that exempts […]

06Mar '17

Academic Assembly seeks Product Manager familiar with Training Products

Academic Assembly provides solutions to educational institutions seeking to better manage and grow their global operations. We are a young company that brings together some of international education’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders into a platform of services designed to boost the international success of high schools, language and vocational schools, colleges and universities. Services […]

31Jan '17

Global Alumni Relations and the Employability Agenda

What is Global Alumni Relations? Many institutions struggle to engage international alumni, let alone know how to make contact. To aid our industry, last year I submitted this definition: Global Alumni Relations is the outreach to and engagement of internationally affiliated alumni, students, faculty, staff, families, community, and key industry/governmental partners in the support and […]

24Jan '17

Web Demo – Global Alumni Relations Course

Join Academic Assembly live from Brisbane for an inside look at the new Global Alumni Relations Course. Created by Gretchen Dobson, this 12-module online course provides a comprehensive look at the issues around mobilizing your international alumni and the opportunities for leveraging valuable lifelong relationships. Hosted by Gretchen, this 30-minute web demo will feature a […]

23Sep '16

International Alumni – a Gold Mine for Many Reasons

Author: Gretchen Dobson Happy Chinese New Year to friends at home and abroad. The Spring Festival is upon us (actual date is February 19) and I wanted to share a few thoughts in response to a recent post on Inside Philanthropy: The contributor writes about what I agree is often an untapped resource: our international […]

23Sep '16

New funding models for international education

by  Mitch Leventhal Note: This was first posted in University World News, in 2011.  The issues and solutions described are as valid and timely as they were then. One year ago, in a speech to American international education leaders in Washington DC, the Chancellor of the State University of New York argued that presidents, chancellors and senior […]