Defining Global Alumni Relations

Global Alumni Relations

Global Alumni Relations

The textbook says “International or global alumni relations is the outreach to and engagement of internationally affiliated alumni—mostly understood as former students and their families around the world. The purpose of this engagement—along with that directed at current and former staff and faculty, as well as community members and key industry/governmental partners with ties to the institution—is to leverage support and advancement of institutional priorities at home and abroad. Each stakeholder shares an ability to influence each other’s engagement and/or the actions of the institution locally and internationally.”   Dobson, Springer Encyclopedia of International Education, anticipated 2018.

In practical terms, it is an institution’s collective efforts to build a lifelong relationship with your international alumni.  It is those efforts to use your former students for recruiting and serving as international ambassadors.  Having engaged alumni helps your institution create a global footprint of alumni engagement that supports its overall mission/vision.

Global Alumni Relations support a wide range of an institution’s internationalization efforts including:

  • International student recruitment.
  • Academic partnerships (research/education/faculty-visiting scholar exchange) and study abroad programs.
  • Facilitate networking among local alumni as well as re-establishes active connection between alumni and the institution.
  • Create a framework for international alumni to serve as sources of undergrad/graduate internships, jobs, or other living/learning opportunities.
  • Help promote the overall visibility and “presence” of the institution overseas.
  • Assist in fundraising and donor cultivation activities on behalf of the institution, including international financial aid for undergraduates from the home region.
  • Assist in building and strengthening the regional alumni database by verifying accurate contact information.

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