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Global Alumni Relations is the outreach to and engagement of internationally affiliated alumni, students, faculty, staff, families, community, and key industry/governmental partners in the support and advancement of institutional priorities at home and abroad. Each stakeholder shares an ability to influence their involvement, each other’s and/or the involvement of the institution in countries abroad.

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AAI’s Professional Training for Immigration Services Division offers intensive training workshops, e-Courses and custom training and coaching services for PDSO’s, DSO’s RO’s, ARO’s and SIO’s. If you are new to international training, and don’t have these responsibilities, you can still attend the training, but you might also need some of Academic Assembly’s strategic planning and consulting. 

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To use financial analogies: to succeed in international education takes investment and sound strategy. If you constantly invest in your key asset you will get profound returns. It’s not as simple as setting up an annuity, but it is like managing a broad-based portfolio. To succeed in international markets your investments are your alumni networks, agent networks, faculty and research networks,  feeder schools, advisor networks, vendors and contractor and your brand.

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International Marketing and Student Recruitment is one of the hottest topics in higher education circles today.  Where to recruit, who are ideal candidates, which programs are marketable are complex issues that challenge even the most successful universities as the markets are always changing.  Domestic recruiting factors in local competitors, candidate pools, pricing and various reputational components.  Take these and multiply them by X number of target countries and you can see how there is no one size-fits-all strategy to recruit internationally.

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Need a plan? Academic Assembly’s knowledgeable team experts and analysts will help you craft one. Need a strategy? Academic Assembly’s market tested executives will help you build one, including options for financing and strategic investor relations. Need a team? Academic Assembly will take your strategy and implement it through the development of an office, staff or network of trusted contractors and service providers.

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“The USA’s international higher education sector can grow significantly if recruitment practices evolved to catch up with those seen elsewhere in the world”. 

– Mitch Leventhal

Who Uses Academic Assembly?

Academic Assembly has products and services for a wide range of institutions and a broad base of professionals. The company provides planning, training, coaching or contracting.

For Institution Leaders

Academic Assembly offers market research, risk assessment and strategic planning so that your university makes sound decisions.

For Enrollment Managers

Academic Assembly provides a boost to your overseas recruiting effort by helping you discover, convert and get to campus the type of students you need.

For Student Services

Academic Assembly offers training, coaching and professional development services to help you stay on top of the ever changing regulations.

For Business Managers

Academic Assembly brings cost-effective contract-based services to supplement what your institution can’t or won’t handle on its own.