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Discover Global Alumni from Academic Assembly offers international alumni location and engagement through our global search and discovery service. Academic Assembly’s global network is utilized to establish international alumni chapters for your institution. The service is designed as an alumni chapter incubator program and is typically a three-year project. You provide us the last known whereabouts of your international alumni and our team starts to work.

Let us Find Your Global Alumni

The Academic Assembly International Alumni & Graduate Division will use its talents, affiliates, and wide range of resources to discover your international alumni and establish effective alumni chapters overseas. The size, breadth and range of these chapters may vary based on the institution’s presence in the country or region and will be determined at the project start.

Each project is managed under the supervision of renowned international alumni development expert Gretchen Dobson. Our International Alumni & Graduate Services Division promotes a lifelong relationship between institutions and their international alumni family. Through training, coaching and contracted services like Discover Global Alumni, Academic Assembly enables institutions of all types to harness the power of alumni into a successful platform to extend an institution’s global ambitions.

An expert project manager will guide this process and manage all resources and events and, after a three-year period, turn the group management over to your university, college or school.

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The Discover Global Alumni Service is your guide to building a lifelong relationship with your international alumni.
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Discover Global Alumni will:

• Identify and confirm location and contact information

• Make initial contact and verify interest through social media, telephone, email or web surveys

• Engage in online and in-person meetings and discussions

• Establish consensus with institutional contacts on chapter location

• Solicit leadership volunteers

• Develop governance, mentor initial leadership and establish charter (where appropriate)

• Engage chapters in initial work (local brand ambassadors, student recruitment, alumni networking, support of institution’s in-country initiatives and fundraising)

• Facilitate transfer to institutional management

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Discover Global Alumni is a fixed fee service that can fit your institution’s budget. The project typically takes multiple years and results in a turn-key international alumni chapter.

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