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International  Student Recruitment is one of today’s hottest topics in education administration circles.  Where to recruit, who are ideal candidates, which programs are marketable are complex issues that challenge even the most successful institutions as the markets are always changing.  Domestic recruiting factors in local competitors, candidate pools, pricing and various reputation components.  Take these and multiply them by X number of target countries and you can see how there is no one size-fits-all strategy to recruit internationally.

Academic Assembly has created a network of marketing and recruitment companies to solve your international student recruiting challenges.  We can help you establish a brand position, create an effective marketing message and bring it to market through events, advertising and a trusted agent network.  If you don’t have an international recruitment network, or agent, we can help you establish one with our Agent Start Up Program.

As your recruiting success grows, our analysts will help you assess your progress and fine tune your plans.  In addition to oversight and project management, Academic Assembly brings training and coaching to your international student recruiting staff.

If you are overwhelmed by the dynamics of the agent market, consider appointing Academic Assembly as your Master Agent.  In this role, Academic Assembly oversees the administration of agents acting on behalf of your institution and provides them with all that is required for a successful relationship.  Our analysts will use a dashboard method to keep track of agent performance and make the necessary adjustments to assure your good agents get better.  In areas where you are underperforming, we will draw new representatives and guide their path to success.  By having Academic Assembly as your Master Agent, institutions have one single point of contact for all agent matters and agents have the assurance that they are 100% supported.

If the standard agent relationships aren’t in your institution’s plans, we can still help by utilizing our overseas connections to provide you with services like:



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“Academic Assembly has created a network of marketing and recruitment companies to solve your international student recruiting challenges.”

Steps to Get Started in International Student Recruiting

Academic Assembly is an expert in navigating the complex US university systems and also has worked with many overseas agencies. We partner with reputable agencies around the world because of their involvement in the local markets. Bringing your higher education system the right students can be managed quite successfully if the correct steps are followed. Let us help you learn how.

Homestay Network

As the #1 homestay network in America, we believe that a homestay program should provide international students with much more than a place to sleep and eat. Each homestay experience should provide an opportunity for the student and the host family to learn from each other, share interests, and establish a foundation for a successful stay in America. At AHN we create lifetime relationships!

Keep in contact with your International Alumni Graduates

Global alumni engagement crosses over student marketing/recruitment, academic priorities and partnerships, and enhances overall brand recognition — all of which helps international development officers and leadership fundraise. Global alumni relations is a critical thread of sustainability over the long term.

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