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Who We Are


Academic Assembly’s mission is to simplify the challenges of global enterprise by providing a suite of services customized to the needs of its institutional clients.

We start each engagement with a candid discussion as to the goals of the institution and the history of their global pursuits.  We then look to develop a practical plan to move forward and provide our clients with a candid assessment of their options and an honest approach to the solutions.  We are experts, not miracle workers and when we make a pledge or a promise, we will keep it.   Academic Assembly was created by a team of experienced business and administrative experts who each bring unique perspective and dimension to the firm and each client’s success adds to the success of the portfolio.  Read more about our leadership and our advisors.

Who Uses Academic Assembly

Academic Assembly has products and services for a wide range of institutions and a broad base of professionals. The company provides planning, training, coaching or contracting:

Academic Assembly offers market research, risk assessment and strategic planning so that your university makes sound decisions.

Academic Assembly provides a boost to your overseas recruiting effort by helping you discover, convert and get to campus the type of students you need.

Academic Assembly offers training, coaching and professional development services to help you stay on top of the ever changing regulations.

Academic Assembly brings cost-effective contract-based services to supplement what your institution can’t or won’t handle on its own.

Academic Assembly brings innovative and engaging services to build your international alumni into a successful platform to extend your institution’s global success.


Academic Assembly provides solutions to educational institutions seeking to better manage and grow their global  operations.  Academic Assembly helps schools manage global operations, one piece at a time, supplementing existing resources and providing a scalable approach to achieve strategic objectives.


Academic Assembly provides solutions to educational institutions seeking to better manage and grow their global operations. Academic Assembly supplements existing resources and provides a scalable approach to achieve strategic objectives.  Academic Assembly helps institutions plan, manage and operate their international endeavors with a growing suite of consulting, training and services.

When you think of International Education, think of Academic Assembly – managing global operations, one piece at a time.

Working with Academic Assembly you will Identify tactics for discovering, recruiting and retaining more international alumni volunteers, create infrastructure to support both short and long-term alumni relations, plan new and improved international events, and identify, develop and/or expand international volunteer management opportunities and practices.

Academic Assembly understands that one of the single most important parts of student recruitment is visa conversion and the single most part of visa conversion is knowing what you are doing. As they say, the devil is in the detail and Academic Assembly’s Professional Training for Immigration Services Division brings assurance that you’ll get it right.

To succeed in international markets your investments are your alumni networks, your agent networks, your faculty and research networks, your feeder schools and advisor networks, your vendor and contractor networks and your brand. With Academic Assembly, we can help you develop practical plans to take what works elsewhere and apply it at your institution and work to develop a dashboard for your ongoing assessment and tracking.

International Student Marketing and Recruitment is one of the hottest topics in higher education circles today. Where to recruit, who are ideal candidates, which programs are marketable are complex issues that challenge even the most successful universities as the markets are always changing. Domestic recruiting factors in local competitors, candidate pools, pricing and various reputational components. Take these and multiply them by X number of target countries and you can see how there is no one size-fits-all strategy to recruit internationally.

Need a plan? Academic Assembly’s knowledgeable team experts and analysts will help you craft one.

Need a strategy? Academic Assembly’s market tested executives will help you build one, including options for financing and strategic investor relations.

Need a team? Academic Assembly will take your strategy and implement it through the development of an office, staff or network of trusted contractors and service providers.

The Vision,
Message from our Chairman

Mitch Leventhal Academic AssemblyThank you for visiting Academic Assembly, an organization born out of the experience of college and university leaders who have faced the day-to-day challenges of managing international operations. Academic Assembly’s mission is to simplify the challenges of global enterprise by providing a suite of solutions customized to the needs of academic institutions.

Most colleges and universities, and many other educational institutions, have now included internationalization into their mission statements and strategic planning documents. The unfortunate reality, however, is that most international offices are understaffed and under-resourced.  Further, many offices responsible for executing the international strategy lack training, proper support and guidance – they are, in many cases, learning on the job through trial-and-error. Achieving institutional objectives often require identifying numerous vendors in many colleges, and then entering into contracts that institutional counsel often finds overwhelming. Compounding this are the huge hurdles imposed by foreign governments and difficulties in bridging cultural, academic and business practices.  The founders of Academic Assembly understand these challenges and are building a company with the aim of empowering educational institutions to achieve their objectives more quickly and economically, with a trusted partner that has an intimate understanding of American education.

The Academic Assembly founding team is uniquely qualified to assist your institution. The team includes members who have served as university presidents, chief financial officers, senior international officers, and alumni development officers. In addition, we have internal legal expertise focused on education regulation and compliance, global business operations, global payments and risk management. Operational expertise in international student recruiting, institutional marketing, and strategic planning round out our portfolio. In the coming months, Academic Assembly will be rolling out a suite of solutions addressing specific challenges faced by numerous institutional operating units.

Dr. Mitch Leventhal, Chairman